Turkish Doctors Network is established by Dr. Cem Bagdatlı. During his 25 years long active practice, he closely observed the difficulties of patients and their families for medical treatments abroad.

And he developed the most effective method for a patient to successfully have the treatment abroad:

  • Initially, the patient's medical problem should be evaluated by experienced doctors. This assessment should be completely impartial and objective.
  • For the patient's problem it is needed to contact with the specific selected doctors from Turkiye.
  • There must be different doctor/hospital options matching for the patients' medical needs and financial capacity.
  • The selected hospitals should be adequate for the treatment and possible complications.
  • After the treatment the communication with the doctor should be continued for the follow up.


"May be most important of all, the hospital and the doctor should have a high degree of medical etics and the main objective of treatments must clearly be helping the patient for the medical problem."
~ Dr. Cem Bagdatli


We are a medical company owned by experienced doctors and very sensitive for medical ethics and patient rights.
We select our partners meticulously.

Turkish Doctors Network is backed by Hekim.Net, the unique professional platform of doctors' in Turkiye with more then 15.000 registered doctors.

Currently Turkish Doctors Network is serving online globally to all countries and with physical clinics/offices in some countries.



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